Welcome to your New Healthy Energic Lifestyle

Welcome to your New Healthy Energic Lifestyle

Welcome to my Page

My name is Ionela Dobrean

I am a licensed nutritionist/dietician and I help my clients to obtain a healthy life style, to achieve the ideal weight or to improve their health trough personalized nutrition depending on their needs, their objective and other personal factors.

The personalized diet plans combine the appropriate ingredients from which our body takes the necessary nutrients. When you plan to go on a diet it is not good to have a restriction list, on the contrary the diet plan should be a lifestyle that is easy to follow because that is the only way you can maintain the ideal weight your whole life.

What Makes Us Different?



Make you count calories

No calorie counting 

Restrict several food groups  

All food groups ok in moderation 

Make you purchase supplements and shakes 

No purchases required 

Leave you hungry and deprived

Keep you full and satisfied 

Slow down your metabolism 

Improve and enhance your metabolism 

Available for questions and support at appointments only

Give you our cell phone number for support

Only focuses on the physical 

Focus on the emotional, mental, AND physical

Restrict you on holidays and occasions

Prepare you for all holidays and occasions

Tells you to figure out what to order at restaurants

I will help you pick the best and healthy options from the restaurant chosen by you

Give you a generic “one size fits all” plan

Customize every plan based on many factors such as age, weight, diet history, goals, medical conditions, lifestyle, and more

They require you to do sports

Any level of physical activity is accepted

What can you achieve by working with me?

Desired body

With personalized diet plans according to your preferences

Permanent motivation

Constant support on Whatsapp for any question or discussions related to nutrition

Increased energy

Because you will consume nutritious foods from which the body takes everything it needs to live a healthy life


Be the change you deserve! I will be by your side all the way to help you achieve your goal, I will motivate you and I will support you continuously!

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My services

Don't Forget to Contact me!

Take the first step to your health today! Every kilogram lost reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes and will get you to your desired figure. Get rid of extra kilograms! Live healthy, eat smart!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the SERVICES section you will find 3 nutrition programs from which you can choose the one that suits you best. There you will find all the information for each program.

Not necessarily, the diet plans are personalized for each person, so if you do not want to weigh the food, there will be no need to.

This depends a lot on each person but the weight you lose is around 1 kg per week. This involves various factors such as current weight, activity level, rest, etc.

No! As long as you follow the diet plans that I will make, you will lose weight nicely and healthy, without any miracle food supplements.

Sure! Given that the diet plans are made for each person. When I make them, I will take into account all your food preferences so that it is as easy as possible for you to follow the diet plans.

I recommended any kind of physical activity that you can do, starting even with walks which are really beneficial for your body.

Not necessarily, I had a client who lost 100kg and did not have any stagnation periods, so it depends a lot on the body.

In the SERVICES section you will find the option to purchase a consultation with me. During this consultation, we will talk about your goal and what you really want to change, in order for me to guide you to the right program.

Sure! Those plans will be yours and you can repeat them at any time, but that doesn't mean they will have the same results. Your body changes over time and the diet plans are customized accordingly.

Sure! The diet plans will be customized according to your health problems so that you will feel good eating what you like.

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