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A wonderful collaboration with beautiful results! I changed my lifestyle and learned how to eat healthy. I wouldn't go back to the old way of life. Thank you!
Oprea Simina
Result: -30kg
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Ionela, thank you from the bottom of my heart for achieving my goal and all the things we have done together. You have been my support for everything I have achieved, without surgery, without starvation, just with a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend your services. It is not easy to change your lifestyle to something healthy with 100% results. Thank you!
Demeter Orsalya
Result: -100kg
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Thanks a lot! Respect for professionalism and collaboration, understanding and trust, our collaboration is a pleasure! I will support you in further projects and I gladly recommend you!
Kopacz Bela
Result: -35kg
Before After
I confidently recommend Ionela Dobrean for all the people who want to have a healthy lifestyle! Congratulations and good luck.
Kopacz Tunde
Result: -15kg
Before After
Thank you very much for all the support and patience you had with me!
Iordache Diana
Result: -17kg
Before After
I achieved these wonderful results with the help of Ionela who helped me to change my lifestyle gradually and reach the desired weight.
Pintilescu Rodica
Result: -17kg
Before After
Thank you so much for your help and the good results can be achieved only with wonderful people!
Horvat Ionut
Result: -25 kg
Before After
Marius is feeling better, healthier since he lost weight and it was not difficult at all for him to follow these steps because he did not miss anything in the diet and that is thanks to your program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Tatar Marius
Result: -8kg
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